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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 1, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>>. >> heather: no rest this labor day weekend on the campaign trail both candidates making a big push for votes in key battleground states. welcome to election headquarters i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. president obama is looking for support in the state of iowa. congressman paul ryan is doing a joint rally in jacksonville, florida. after stopping in ohio, governor romney is looking to hold on to the spotlight following the republican party convention in tampa. in cincinnati he slammed
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president obama for not keeping his promise to fix a broken economy. >> one of the promises he made he was going to create more jobs and to to date, 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work. let me tell you if you have a coach that is zero and 23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. >> gregg: steve is live in jacksonville, florida. >> reporter: so it will be romney and ryan giving special attention to the jacksonville area, much like they did to the cincinnati area a week ago to share joint appeal there. earlier today as you pointed out romney was in the cincinnati area laying out the case and in the middle of the remarks or toward the end he was talking about the different things
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including one about unity. >> this is time for us to come together as a nation. we do not have to have the kind of divisiveness and bitterness what we've seen over the last four years. i will bring us together. >> reporter: earlier in the day his running mate paul ryan was out tailgating at the ohio state football game. they were entertaining his alma mater but for ryan's red hawks, the score wasn't going to work out for them. ohio state 56-10 score. sorry, congressman. ryan is next off on monday headed off to north carolina to do touring. the same state where the democratic national convention out in charlotte. there won't be too much bumping in to anybody but this was
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previous announced by the romney campaign. romney is headed back to his home in new hampshire. set up for three days of debate preparations with ron portman the ohio senator who has done a lot of pinch-hitting roles in terms of debate preparation. there is going to be some visibility of the campaign in the coming week but mostly on behalf of the vice presidential candidate. >> gregg: can't forget the debates coming up. steve, thanks very much. >> heather: meantime, president obama holding two rallies in the battleground state of iowa. first stop, a suburb of des moines saying the republicans came up with nothing new. listen to this. >> he did not offer a single new idea, just retreated of the same
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old policies that have been taking it to the million class for years. they talked a lot about me. they talk a lot about him but they didn't say much about you. [ applause ] >> they spent less time about what they plan to do. >> heather: the president will campaign in colorado tomorrow and visit louisiana on monday and leading up to the democratic convention next week in charlotte, north carolina. >> gregg: just a bit more context on north carolina itself. it's one of nine states that president george w. bush that shifted to president obama four years later. president obama edged out john mccain in 2008 by less than half a percentage point. mr. obama chose charlotte to host the dnc in hopes of using it as massive organizing tool to keep the state in his column.
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a strategy that worked for him in colorado the last election. he has a robust activist network in north carolina opening more than 40 statewide offices there, but possibly working against him north carolina's unemployment rate. the jobless at the fifth highest rate in the country. >> remember fox news is america's election headquarters. we'll bring you all the action from dnc. stick with us we are live from charlotte straight through the big speech on thursday night from president obama. >> heather: turning now to an extreme weather alert. remnants of hurricane isaac putting a damper on labor day plans as people brace for heavy rains and high winds. in indianapolis, people lining up around the block to get sandbags to help protect their homes from flooding. the city's department of public works 9,000 bags that was on
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thursday to hand out. >> 25 free bags of sand will help out hopefully for the flooding in the basement. >> this is for my house. back of it floods when we get a lot of rain. so put a row of sandbags back there. >> rick riechmuth has the very latest. >> labor day snuck up on us with all the talk of isaac. we have dealt with drought. take a look where the worst. along the mississippi valley and west ohio valley. take a look where the rain is going to fall. places in western areas of the ohio valley which is good news. we get rain eventually parts of the mid-atlantic. take a look where you see the reds, four to six inches of rain. that is where it will fall. we'll see some runoff and pretty significant flooding
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unfortunately. along with that. we have threat for severe weather, a line of storms moving just to the to south of decatur, peoria, illinois. rough weather along with isaac still dealing with it. down to the south, we have all the water across parts of the mississippi. it's extremely hot. the water is making it more humid, so the humidity and temperatures making it feel like 100 degrees. we're not done with the tropics. this one is tropical storm leslie. it's going to continue to pull off towards the northwest eventually stalling out here around bermuda. hopefully it will turn to the east but a chance we'll be dealing with it couple weeks from now, plenty of time to watch out. >> heather: not leslie, we don't
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need to have her come next. >> gregg: leslie is softer name compared to isaac. >> the cleanup is full swing, even places in louisiana are still waiting for the water to recede. crews are racing to restore power to hundreds of thousands of residents that are busy cleaning up without any electricity. jonathan serrie. what is the latest there. >> reporter: the latest figures from the energy power company, more than 400,000 residents remain without power and most of those being here in the state of louisiana. crews have been working around the clock restoring electricity and they have gotten electricity but thousands without the weather is becoming uncomfortable and all the
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humidity that isaac left behind. some people are sleeping in their vehicles at night so they can run the air-conditioning. as floodwaters recede, some can return to water damaged homes. those have been through hurricane katrina say they are surprised by how much flooding isaac produced. listen. >> i raised the house three feet figuring that would be high enough. foot and a half above what it was. i was wrong. if it came up a lot higher this long, foot and a half to two feet hire. >> reporter: isaac was a much weaker storm than katrina, category one hurricane, but it was able to dump vast amounts of water on this region. that is what has been causing all the headaches and many residents, take home lesson is that you can never take any hurricane or even a tropical storm for granted.
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>> gregg: that is so discouraging. you raise your home after katrina and it's not enough for isaac. jonathan, thanks very much. >> heather: the romney campaign hoping to use its post convention momentum to win over undecided voters. they are targeting swing states like minnesota, michigan and wisconsin and now allowed to tap into 186 million, far the obama campaign raised. what needs to be romney's plan now? bob cusack is managing editor of the hill. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to begin with this. a lot of speakers at the convention, they seem to go out of their way to say, you know what, president obama he is good
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guy but he hasn't done the job. listen to this from governor romney? >> america has been patient. americans have supported this president in good faith, but today the time has come to turn the page. today the time has come to put the disappointments of the last four years behind us. >> heather: sound familiar? sounds like republicans will be taking a cue from 2008 and they are the ones talking about change. do you expect this to be the message moving forward? >> absolutely. i think they are going to try to steal the message of change from president obama. if you wanted the stays quo vote for president obama, if you want to turn the page, voted for romney-ryan. this race is a toss-up. republicans don't want to see the entire stage set to president obama in charlotte. they will be trying to make news over the next several days.
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>> heather: something else that came out of the convention, great pains to humanize governor romney. this also from governor romney's acceptance speech which he used at a campaign stop again today. >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. >> and heal the planets. my promise is to help you and your family. >> heather: another shout onout to the 2008 campaign. difference go himself, governor romney to sound more grounded and more modest leader. do you expect a lot of this type of talk in the coming weeks? >> i do. i don't see him trying to be
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warm and fuzzy. he gave a solid but not a spectacular speech. he did what he had to. he needs to lows the likebuilt gap. roms is doing well among men but women and hispanics has to be one of their top priorities. president obama is going talking about women and hispanics throughout next week. >> heather: polls say it's a tight race. it's like to be one that is settled in a small number of battleground states. an estimated 500 million already spent on television commercials so far. their parties supporting outside groups as well nearly all of it in florida, north carolina, ohio iowa, colorado and nevada. these states, they account for 100 electoral votes out of 270 needed to win the white house. is this where the campaign will
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focus? >> i do. i think overall that mitt romney wants to go through the midwest. president obama looking better in the southwest. this is going to come down to certainly a few states. virginia is very important. iowa where president obama was today is going to be significant. these states are going to see the candidates go to these states sometimes on the same day they will be the same state. it will be very close down the stretch. it depends on who runs the better campaign and who makes the fewer gaffes and, of course, the debates. >> heather: you talked about the addition to paul ryan. what role will he play. he is headed back to north carolina but in a different area of the state. we found that out today. first generation xer to be on the ticketed? >> i think he is fresh base. he is likable.
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now it's two versus two, remember romney was all by himself, being attacked by president obama and vice president joe biden. one thing to remember, romney has a lot of money he couldn't access before he was the nominee. i think romney is going to win the air war, the advertisement war. president obama has the clear edge on the ground. so that is one to watch, whether romney can get out the vote. ground operations and set up a lot more offices with the money he couldn't use before and now has. >> heather: that is interesting take. thank you so much for joining us. thank you. >> gregg: former u.s. navy seal in hot water. pentagon threatening legal action over a book he has written over the osama bin laden raid. that set to hit in the book stores on tuesday. what can the pentagon do about this. will they decide to sue him?
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a retired admiral will give his take. >> and iran nuclear program rolling unchecked. can anything be done to stop it? former ambassador to the u.n. john bolton weighs in. >> gregg: the health of thousands of visitors to yosemite national park could now be in danger. new details on a medical scare in a vacation paradise. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve,
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>>. >> gregg: major medical scare at one of the most popular tourist spots in america, up to 10,000 campers who stayed at yosemite national park have apparently been exposed to a deadly disease. anna has the details. >> reporter: two people are dead and two more visitors that stayed at yosemite have contracted a fatal virus. it brings the total number of infections to six and cdc warns that 10,000 more people who stayed in the cabins could be at risk. hanta virus is carried through
1:21 pm
rodents. they say hanta virus has a six week incubation period. mortality rate of about 38% which means more than a third of the people with the disease will die. >> because of shortness of breath and coughs that goes to respiratory failure. we have to put patients on mechanical ventilation. >> reporter: park officials closed the luxury cabins saying the double wall design made it easy for mice to nest between the walls. a report from the state department warned park officials that rodent inspection efforts after a visitor fell ill. state says while officials in yosemite did take steps to deal with the row dented problem, there are limitations given the location. campers are worried. >> i just think about it. i know my dad was calling me. he was concerned about it. >> it seems like a low risk, if
1:22 pm
you get it it's very serious. something we've been talking about. >> reporter: two scientists are working in the park to find out why the rodent population is larger this year and trying to see how much of the population actually carries the virus. >> gregg: that is a difficult story. you'll keep us up to date on developments there. >> heather: coming up, big changes for voters in the battleground state of ohio. why president obama's campaign thinks extending early voting to all residents could make the difference in november's election. >> gregg: increasing violence rocking cities in syria with both government officials and rebels are claiming victory. [ gun shots ] you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here.
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>>. >> gregg: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. explosions rocking cities across syria. new video showing the regime bombing rebels around the country. government claimed they beat back a major attack on an air base on the north. rebels say they captured a regime base in the east. >> u.s. reportedly striking terrorists in pakistan. pakistani officials say drones were fired killing five suspected militants on the
1:27 pm
afghan border. threats of severe thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes in the middle of the u.s. remnants of hurricanizes ago still making trouble. we're closely watching the weather radar. we'll bring you any updates. >> heather: a big win for president obama in the key battleground state of ohio. a federal judge granting his campaign's request to restore early voting for all residents before election day. molly henneberg is live with more details on this. >> molly: there was a law in ohio that had set the fry fri before the tuesday election as the last day for early in person voting except for residents living overseas. federal judge decided yesterday that this law was unconstitutional. allowed more voting time for some voters meaning the military and not others. said ohio cannot implement it. the obama campaign and democrats had sued the state of ohio over this law saying in part it would
1:28 pm
affect low income voters unfairly. after a judge's decision an obama spokesman says we are pleased they restored early access to voting. the people of ohio had overwhelmingly expressed their desire to preserve the early voting system which had been so successful in recent years. but ohio's attorney general and secretary of state both republicans who have to enforce stated laws saying local election boards need the last three days before an election to prepare for the big day. they said in a statement, quote, we have always allowed distinction for military voters and to say this violates equal protection is wrong. they go on to say, there is already ample opportunity for everyone to vote,secretary of st have been able to vote in person at the board of elections beginning october 2nd through the friday before election day.
1:29 pm
des moines is expected to file an appeal of the judge's decision on behalf of the state of ohio on tuesday. >> heather: thank you very much. live from washington. to afghanistan. a network is blamed for some of the deadliest attacks on u.s. forces and allies. america does not designated as a terrorist organization but that could soon changes. peter doocy has the latest from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton has until september 9th to explain which the pakistan group is not a terrorist organization. the state department has already said some members of the network one that was killed by a u.s. drone strike are in fact terrorists but so far they have been trying to weaken the militant group without pinning the word terrorism to them. >> we are targeting their
1:30 pm
military and intelligence personnel. we are pressing the pakistanis to step up efforts. >> reporter: there is a big debate in how to proceed to make them labeled a terrorist group. some of the obama administration if doing that would put pakistan on the cusp of being labeled a state sponsor of terrorism. one official is quoted as saying the op particulars look great. but everyone has to calm down and say what does it do? even if the state department does started calls the network a terrorist organization there is no guarantee that would stop people from giving them money and it could end up creating yet another wrinkle in already complicated peace talks with the taliban. >> heather: thank you peter doocy reporting from washington. >> gregg: the defense department is threatening to take legal action against a former navy
1:31 pm
seal who has written a book about the events on the death of osama bin laden. they say the author breached a non-disclosure agreement he signed and all but accuses him of divulging classified information. that is claim that his lawyer denies vigorously. the book is set to be released on tuesday. what are the pentagon's options or department of justice? what does the telling of this story do to america's security. joe sestak is a former congressman from pennsylvania. great to see you. i have a copy of the letter from the seal's lawyer. he says this book, quote, did not disclose any material that would breach his agreements or put his former comrades at risk. the lawyer also claims this non-disclosure does not apply to
1:32 pm
missions like the bin laden raid. now i must say that several prominent national security lawyers are laughing that off. they find it hard to believe. what do you think? >> i think the defense department would be a did i indicate its responsibility for future warriors. this who are, she warrior hero but part of the code they sign agreements to this, that you won't take a chance, to inadvertently harm your comrades out there by disclosing classified information and something you might publish. shouldn't rely upon a lawyer to tell us whether the disclosure is confidential information. that is why they need to follow this up. we can't establish a precedent where somebody four years from now says, i got a lawyer. he tells me it's okay. it happened to be a lawyer in this case. the book should be reviewed.
1:33 pm
>> gregg: would in your judgment and experience disclosing the exact movements of that raid and how it unfolded. we think that is what in the book, would that necessarily contain classified information? >> don't know. i'm not a special forces officer. i do know this. it's why the lawyers shouldn't be telling us it does not. even this one special forces officer, this seal may not in his prism where he operated for ten years, understand the breadth how it affects other programs. he didn't have the ability to know about that. that is why we should let them see this and frankly, gregg, they should be following this up to see that we don't let this go by without the proper making sure that he understood he should have been following right
1:34 pm
procedures. >> gregg: i wanted to be fair. separately journalists at the "new york times" say they got operational details about the raid from the white house. white house officials, that is what this say. same thing with the film makers that are producing a movie about this thing. now, if that is true, we can't verify it, but if it's true, wouldn't those leakers, allegedly from the white house have also committed illegal acts just like potentially the navy seals? >> good point. as you know right now there are two u.s. attorneys that are tha are following up on those potential leaks but higher level i agree with the point. i truly believe that u.s. military should walk softly and talk softly and carry a big stick. when there was a victory lap that appeared to be done after the admission of that we got bin laden, by senior officials, i
1:35 pm
didn't think that spoke about america's strength in the best way. we need to have an investigation following up on all of this. i think you are absolutely right but nevertheless it doesn't condone what has happened in this case. >> gregg: i must say that one former navy seal. >> sean: with you. he says the author has earned the right, that is his phrase to tell the story. from a practical standpoint, wouldn't be very hard for our government to prosecute a man who is hero? >> sure it would be tough. but if we treat our heroes differently than the citizens they serve or treat them differently as a future man that becomes a seal and harmed by disclosure of this. than this seal has not stood up for what he really defended the laws of the united states of america. if we don't follow those laws as
1:36 pm
in these other cases, we will not stand for what america must stand for. what i defended for 31 years. the laws of america. >> gregg: and you were the first head of the navy's anti-terrorism unit. let me pose this final question in that framework. to what extent do disclosures harm national security and jeopardize the operational security of any future raids like this? >> it depends, quite frankly. when i joined the u.s. military, you couldn't disclose the speed of our ships, but today everybody talks about them. it's different, however, if you were to disclose who an operative is, frankly the name that has been revealed right now by the press of who this seal is i think that is quite harmful to him and it's quite harmful to the future operate fifgs their names get disclosed. it depends on what the
1:37 pm
information is. it's why mr. pollack is in gentleman jail or steven kim is being prosecuted by the obama administration. their information was helpful to other people. >> gregg: congressman sestak, thanks very much for being with you. >> heather: coming up. unwelcomed surprise for drivers. skyrocketing gas prices. we'll tell you how bad and how expensive is. >> a retired vice admiral. someone who doesn't need to worry about coming up with gas money is the latest powerball winner from michigan. we're going to tell you, how much this guy walked away with and he answers the big question. >> heather: that is a lot of zeros.
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>>. >> gregg: michigan man is claiming one of the biggest powerball jackpots. donald lawson quit his job as a railroad worker, yes, he won $337 million prize. >> i got a phone call.
1:42 pm
i got on my computer and looked at the numbers backwards. >> i called, i won $200,000 in the powerball. she said -- oh, my god. i said are you ready. ma? the truth is i won $337 million in the powerball. >> he took the lump sum of $241 million which is cool after taxes, $157 million. what is he going to do with it? he says his family can now retire. >> heather: do you think? wow! >> gregg: good for him. >> how does reading the numbers backwards. he got it right. speaking of numbers this labor day is shaping up to be the most expensive ever for drivers. aaa reporting the average price for a gallon, $3.83 a gallon.
1:43 pm
that is 30 cent jump from one month ago. that is the biggest monthly jump in 7 years. also it breaks the record for labor day gas prices that was set back in 2008. joining us now. dominic, a financial advisor and president of diversionfied financial consultants. just to add to a long list of records being broken, some areas reporting a double-digit it price increase overnight. here is my question for you before we talk about the causes. why do the prices go up so quickly and then come down so slowly? >> one of the major reasons is what happened with isaac and hurricane. these refineries, we 5/6 significant number of refineries in the gulf coast. these are pretty easy to shut down. they are prepared for the storms. they shut them down pretty
1:44 pm
quickly but getting them restarted is not an easy task. in fact right now we have two refineries that are up and running. at a reduced capacity. two more that are scheduled to started sometime soon and five refineries that are not yet open. that is almost a million gallons of gasoline a day that is not in the system. >> we're talking about 33 million americans expected to hit the road overjust the labor day weekend. that is not a whole lot that is available for folks? >> it's a rude awakening for most americans. it shows the problems in terms of supply and getting it to our own consumers. a lot of americans have decided to stay home and travel abroad. they travel locally and saver their money and they are waking up to really horrible costs. >> heather: you discuss some of the short term causes for the hike in prices. what about some of the long term causes and long term problems? >> we can look at it in a vacuum
1:45 pm
and say we've had a lot of problems with supply. politics plays a big part of this. certainly what goes on iran and possible 'built of israeli strike. as much as $30 a gallon in the price of oil which is $96 a barrel. imagine if that $30 was out we would have significantly lower cost to consumers. added to that, a very large gasoline producing plant in venezuela had a major fire. that doesn't really affect us, but chavez who subsidizes gasoline prices may have to go into the open marketed and bring gasoline into the country so he didn't run into political problems. certainly the obama administration over the last four years and emphasis on solar and green energy instead of our own domestic gas production has hurt our ability to be
1:46 pm
self-sufficient. >> heather: whether do you expect prices to drop? >> we think the refineries will come on line. we feel terrible for the people in louisiana area, but in terms of pure damage it's relatively small. that production is going to come on line relatively quickly. next 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, we should see a drop of 20 cent drop. but any major geopolitical event israel attacks iran, could you see oil spike up to $250 a barrel. >> heather: we hope you have a good labor day weekend. thank you, we appreciate it. >> gregg: governor mitt romney is in jacksonville, florida along with paul ryan and let's take a listen right now to the rally held there, ann romney just spoke a moment ago. here is the nominee. >> when he was running four
1:47 pm
years ago, and let me remind you of some o he was going to measure success to see if incomes went up. but they 6 gone down $4,000 a family. he was going to measure success whether entrepreneurs were going to start businesses. 30 year low to start new businesses. he said he would measure success whether the people would be able to find good jobs. we have 23 million americans out of work that dropped out of the work force that can't find full time work. if there is a coach whose record is zero and 23 million, you get someone new! [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't like the way the game is going under this president. this is time for us to get a new leader to understands what it takes to get america working again i do. i wanted to make sure that hold
1:48 pm
them accountable. make sure he is going to do what he says he is going to do. i'm going five things that will get the economy roaring back to life. this is going to make a dramatic difference. number one, we're going to take advantage of our energy resources, our oil, gas, nuclear renewables. [ applause ] >> we'll have north america energy independence within eight years. that makes a big difference. number two, i'm going to fix our schools and make sure that training programs for adults give us the skills we need. we're going to make sure kids and teachers come first and teachers union comes behind. we're going to have trade that works for america. we're going to open up latin american markets, we're going to crackdown on cheaters like china
1:49 pm
when they steal american jobs unfairly. [ applause ] >> number four, we're going to do something if you want entrepreneurs to risk their lives to start a business. we're not going to end up going like greece. we're going to cut federal spending and finally get it on track to a balanced budget! [ applause ] >> there is only one place, there is only one place this president is willing to cut and not just a little. he wants to cut a trillion dollars out of our military budget. look that is bad for jobs, and it's bad for our national security. world is not a safer place, not with iran trying to become nuclear. if i'm president, we will not cut our military budget. [ cheers and applause ]
1:50 pm
>> fum five, we're going to champion small business. you see small business is where jobs are created in this country. we're going to make it easier for entrepreneurs and innovators and small businesses of all kinds, president wants to raise taxes on small businesses from 35% to 40%. that will kill jobs. we want to bring them down. we want to get regulations and regulators to encourage small businesses, and take that big cloud off of small business that is keeping them from hiring people right now. we've got to repeal and replace obamacare. [ cheers and applause ] >> we do those five things, we do those five things and you'll see this economy come roaring back. we're going to create 12 million jobs over the next four years.
1:51 pm
you are going to see more jobs and more take home pay, not just because you wanted it but because you deserve it. these have been tough years. it's been a hard time for american families, you know that. million income families, i saw a reported this morning, with middle income families that not only jobs have been lost but middle income jobs that have been lost. the jobs that are coming back the majority of them are low wage jobs. so even though we're getting a few jobs back, which is welcome and all jobs are welcome, the fact they are low wage jobs makes it tougher time. middle income family on average, down $4,000 a family. you think about that. at the same time health insurance premiums are up, food prices are up, gasoline prices are up. electric utility bills are up. these are tough times. the president's answer to a time like this, he is playing golf --
1:52 pm
that's true -- his political answer is to say, look let's divide america. let's have americans attack one another. let's be divisive and dismissive and derisive. the story of america has been a history of the many becoming one to accomplish extraordinary things. the people coming together in america built a strongest economy in the history of the earth. the people -- yeah, we built it. yeah. and the people in america coming together put a man on the moon 43 years ago. i was in cincinnati at the home of kneel armstrong, an -- neil armstrong. that is what america is. america coming united together we were able to stop and unthinkable darkness during the
1:53 pm
second world war. i appreciate our second world war veterans more can you can imagine. >> gregg: governor romney delivering on speech at a rally in jacksonville, florida. you saw his running mate paul ryan. among the many things the governor talked about, iran. that is what we're going to talk about right now. ominous developments in the nuclear showdown with that country. senior official in iran says the country's only nuclear power reactor has reached full capacity. this as the united nations watchdogs says tehran has doubled the number of uranium enrichment machines deep in an underground bunker. so with sanctions doing little to hinder their ambitions, what is left? fox news contributor john bolton is with us to talk about that. is this inspector's report in
1:54 pm
your mind evidence that the president's policies of diplomacy and sanctions has done little to deter iran and is regarded as a failure? >> yeah, think it's very clear. this is a regular quarterly report and it shows continued iranian determination on a variety of front. you mentioned the centrifuges and iran continued to clean up of an area where they were developing the explosives you need set off a nuclear chain reaction. there are other aspects of it. for example not just the bashir reactor that is a commercial reactor that produces plutonium but a heavy water reactor in a place moving along it will be on stream next year. i doubt that myself but it breeds plutonium. it's a more efficient way to create plutonium and the
1:55 pm
centrifuges. so iran making progress across a broad front. >> gregg: the inspector's report that iran is building a weapon. then they talk about, they suspect he did build what is referred an explosive containment vessel for a nuclear warhead. how close could iran be to building one? >> given the amount of uranium they have enriched up to 20%. experts believe if they decided to go ahead, they simply on what they know they could enrich the material for several nuclear weapons in about two months. it would take another couple of months to put it together and weaponize it. the iranians are not racing to build one or two nuclear weapons. i think they are confident enough they are not going face a military attack by the united states. they continue to make progress and create this program. very broad and very deep and
1:56 pm
dangerous. >> gregg: do you think israel will act and what is the timetable? >> i think they have not hesitated to act before. i don't pretend to have any inside information. i don't think they will acted before our election. they will base their decision on physics. they will wait until the last minute but they won't wait beyond it. >> gregg: imminent line is capability so that is a faster accelerated timetable than any of the u.s. may have. ambassador john bolton, wish we had more time. >> glad to be here. >> gregg: we'll be right back. don't go away. this is the plan that revolves around you.
1:57 pm
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>> gregg: welcome back to a brand-new hour of america's election headquarters. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. thank you for joining us. we begin with a fox news emergency alert. firms outside of new orleans ordering an immediate mandatory evacuation of some residents in st. tammany parish. they expect a lock along a canal to fail. this as some evacuees are returning to their flood ravaged homes by boat. everyone just trying to salvage what they can. >> it stinks really bad. you want to get all in a rage and stuff, you know. >> we can't do anything, really. i consider the house pretty much
2:01 pm
uninhabitable. >> i'd love to go take a shower. i haven't taken one since tuesday. >> heather: this recovery just beginning with more than 400,000 customers without electricity in the midst of sweltering heat. jonathan has the very latest. >> yeah. about these evacuations going on in st. tammany parish, local officials say there is trouble at the pearl river diversion canal in st. tammany parish. there is an imminent failure for lock number 2. local authorities are calling for the immediate and mandatory evacuation for nearby homes. this is affecting a couple hundred homes in the area. the st. tammany practicish eoc is calling for immediate and strand tri evacuation for an area between locks 1 and 2 on the pearl river diversion canal east of highway 41 including bush to hickory. they say the buses will be
2:02 pm
picking up residents along highway 41 for immediate evacuation. obviously a very serious situation there. i want to show you some new video in from the bratway community. aerial shots of this small community in plaqueminute parish. he saw people standing on roofs, getting stuff out of their houses. these aren't people who are currently stranded by the flood. they had already evacuated or been rescued during the flood. these are people who have been coming back in boats to salvage what they can from the second floors of their homes. they can't get into the first floors 'cause the first floors of these very nice homes are still under water. local officials made an intentional levee breach, a levee that had water lapping over it during the storm, they've made an intentional breach so that the flood waters can go back the opposite
2:03 pm
direction and leave the community trying to drain flood waters from the community. in addition to standing flood waters, another big concern remains lack of power. there are more than 400,000 homes and businesses, most of them in louisiana, but also some in mississippi and arkansas that are still without electricity. crews have been work around the clock trying to restore electricity and they have done so to about half of the customers who lost it during the storm. for those without power. literally hundreds of thousands of residents, they say it is making things uncomfortable. listen. >> it's miserable. it's hard to sleep. we have to camp out at a friend's house. thank god. >> they have crews distributing emergency supplies at several locations from people who have been cut off to supermarkets or otherwise don't have access to these essentials. crews distributing water, ice
2:04 pm
and meals ready to eat, just to support these folks until they can get back into their communities or have access to grocery stores. even in the grocery stores that are opening, there are reports of long lines in many communities, people trying to stock up on supplies that they lost during hurricane isaac. back to you. >> heather: jonathan seriie live from new orleans, thank you. >> gregg: remnants of isaac creating extreme weather in the midwest. at least one tornado touching down in illinois. there's a threat of severe t. storms from the mississippi valley to the ohio valley. rick reichmuth is live. >> t storms. that was very nice. there are in three different tornado watches in effect right here right across this mid mississippi river valley, stretching across parts of illinois. we have had one tornado reported, different tornado warnings have continued through here, although it doesn't look like any of these are active
2:05 pm
right now. this is kind of that bull's eye from little rock, up to the north of decatur, through peoria and springfield, memphis. these are the areas that the threat for tornadoes is. no hail, no big winds necessarily. more of a tornado threat. here is where we have the drought. you can see all of the drought back raining right now, out in front of that mid atlantic, not look at much drought. a bull's eye over parts of georgia. here is where we're going to get more rain. across some of those areas, it's good news, unfortunately, where you see the darker colors into the reds, that's maybe four to five inches of rain. that means even across parts of far interior sections we'll be seeing that threat for flash flooding. extremely warm as we were seeing in the last report there from jonathan. 99 degrees is what it feels like now in new orleans. it's hot. it's incredibly humid down there. for the people who don't have air conditioning, very, very rough conditions continuing down here. couple other things going on of the the tropics still going.
2:06 pm
we're not even at the peak of hurricane season and we're ten days away from that. this is lesley. the track looks like that it's going to stay out to sea. i have to tell you, four to five days from now, we kind of lose our steering currents, when you see this open up like that, it means we could see it drift further to the west or to the east. most indications pull this off toward the east and keep it far away from shore. but bermuda dealing with this. we can't rule out just yet the northeast. plenty of time to watch it. most bets pull this off out across the atlantic. >> gregg: tell mayor bloomberg to fuel up the jet and get off that bermuda island of his. he owns most of it, doesn't he? >> and huge waves, no matter what, will hit the east coast and bermuda. some may be up to 30 feet. >> gregg: we'll keep watch. thanks very much. >> heather: back to the other big story, governor romney and congressman ryan hitting the
2:07 pm
crucial battle ground states of ohio and florida today. they are meeting with voters in jacksonville after holding separate events in ohio earlier today. earlier governor romney laying out the broad themes of his general election fight and making the case against a second term for president obama. >> one of the promises he made was he was going to create more jobs and today, 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed. let me tell you, if you have a coach that is zero and 23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. [ cheers and applause ] it's time for america to see a winning season again and we're going to bring it to them! [ cheers and applause ] >> heather: steve brown joins me now on the phone from jacksonville. so steve, what is the benefit to the romney-ryan campaign to have
2:08 pm
both candidates doing this jacksonville ehave not? >> we did see this last weekend when before the republican national convention, they were in the cincinnati area and for republicans, trying to win battle ground states like ohio and florida, one of the things they absolutely have to do is max out on the republican vote. run the table is one ohio gop operative told me. in part to do so, you have to remind folks sometimes what it is that the score is, what they're up against in terms of potential consequences in the view of even the most partisan of already committed voters. and that's what you saw in cincinnati last weekend. that's what you saw here in jacksonville today. because both candidates were here, they really packed the place. they really had a lot of folks turn out. it was thousands. so they had a really big event. it came off really well. the folks i talked to that were at the event and it does help
2:09 pm
bring extra emphasis that we're going to destroy in terms of getting out the republican vote. >> heather: with the dnc set to start on monday, what is the republican duo planning? >> there has been a lot of talk about that today because it's kind of reannouncement. we kind of knew that paul ryan was going to be in north carolina as the dnc starts on monday. that's where guess going to be in greenville. yes, it is to make sure that folks in north carolina know that, hey, the republicans are at work, too. a little counter programming, if you will. for mitt romney, after this event, we understand he's headed off to new hampshire to his home and then set for this week, three days of campaign -- excuse me. debate preparation. previously scheduled, they announced last month that portman would be his sparring partner. they're going to spar. tuesday, wednesday, thursday and that will be up in vermont.
2:10 pm
>> heather: all right. steve brown joining us on the phone from jacksonville. we appreciate it. thank you. a long way to go issues lot of campaigning to go. >> gregg: indeed, president obama is going to be heading to charlotte in a few days. right now the democratic national committee is getting ready for their big convention. it kicks off on tuesday. mike emmanuel has the latest live from charlotte. mike, today president obama gave us a bit of a preview of what his message will be in charlotte. what did he say? >> gregg, indeed. in fact, his aides said he didn't watch the republican convention, but he described it as a rerun, something that you might have seen from an earlier time. even suggested it might be something you could have watched on a black and white tv. today president obama gave us a bit of a preview of what he'll say when he comes here to charlotte. >> this thursday night i will offer you what i believe is a better path forward, a path that grows this economy, creates more good jobs, strengthens the
2:11 pm
middle class. and the good news is you get to choose which path we take. we can take their path or we can take the path that i'm going to present. >> that's president obama on the stump in iowa. he's making other stops in battle ground states on his way here to north carolina. a lot of these states very, very close. so the president realizes he has to make the case to the american voters for another four years. gregg? >> gregg: mike, winning north carolina this time around is no sure thing. what's the latest on the race there? >> that's right. the real clear politics average of recent polling suggests mitt romney has a seven depth of one point lead in north carolina. as you heard from steve brown, vice presidential nominee paul ryan is going to come here to north carolina to campaign on monday. so the democrats are not taking them for granted, even though they are hosting their convention here if charlotte, north carolina. they realize it's a tough fight. the president's position on gay
2:12 pm
marriage may be contrary to a lot of voters here in north carolina who are opposed to gay marriage. so clearly both sides would like to win north carolina and both sides are going to continue to fight for it. gregg? >> gregg: mike emmanuel live in charlotte. thanks very much. fox news channel is america's election headquarters. we'll be covering all the action at the democratic national convention. do not miss our special coverage beginning on monday. >> heather: i'm from charlotte. those pictures, you missed it. >> gregg: a little home sick. >> heather: yeah. carolina panther stadium where they're holing it. big panther fan. busy week ahead. as we reported, governor romney was in the key battle ground state of ohio earlier today. taking president obama to task on everything from the economy to education. we're also following another major story in the buckeye state. federal judge there granting a request by the obama campaign and democrats overturning a
2:13 pm
state law, restoring to all voters the option of casting their ballot in person during the final three days before the november election. molly henneberg is live for us in washington with more on this. hi, molly? >> hi. the president's reelection campaign says it's, quote, pleased with the court's decision. but the state of ohio is planning to appeal the judge's ruling and that appeal likely will be filed on tuesday. for now, a federal judge is telling ohio that it cannot implement its law that ends early in person voting three days before an election. except for the military and ohioans living overseas. the obama campaign and democrats challenged that law, saying in part that it valued some voters over others and would hurt low income and minority voters. one ohio democratic law maker said he had been concerned that the law would, quote, limit people's annual to vote -- ability to vote. >> unrestricted right to vote. if you're a registered voter, you shouldn't have any public
2:14 pm
official standing in the way saying, well, we're going to cut your hours, we're going to make it more difficult to vote. the court decision, i think, finally put that to rest. >> ohio's attorney general and its secretary of state, both republicans, are defending the law. they say many states have laws that grant special accommodations to military and local boards need the time to prepare. he said, quote, we believe states should have the right to set the hours of election and the time of election. there is already ample opportunity for everyone to vote. voters in ohio will be able to vote absentee beginning 35 days in advance of the election and for the first time, hot ho secretary of state is mailing out absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in ohio. lawyers for the president's campaign argued successfully that those last three days should be left open for early in person voting and they cite
2:15 pm
estimates from the 2008 election that 93,000 people in ohio voted in that final three-day window. heather? >> heather: molly henneberg live in washington. thank you. >> gregg: to the middle east right now, new amateur videotape of explosions rocking syrian city, activists claiming government planes and ground troops are hammering rebel regimes. this comes as the new united nations envoy to syria replaces outgoing envoy kofi annan. he is a former algerian foreign minister. he was involved in negotiations to end apartheid in south africa. >> heather: iran's only nuclear reactor hits full capacity. it opened at minimum capacity a year ago. controversy though has surrounded the power plant which is at the heart of the country's nuclear program. iran built it with help from russia and says the plant is
2:16 pm
meant to provide power, but the u.s. and its allies say iran built it to create nuclear weapons. >> gregg: in the philippines, thousands of people are returning home after a powerful earthquake. take a look at these pictures. it shows a worker at a television station. his equipment is shaking during the quake. i think we have those pictures. the 7.6 quake actually hit just off the country's eastern coast line, killing one person and a house collapse, knocking out power in several towns, frightened residents near the coast line headed for higher ground. there is the videotape. because they feared a tsunami would strike. unfortunately, the quake -- fortunately, it caused only tiny waves and minor damage. >> heather: now that the republican convention in tampa is in the rear view mirror, we have to talk about moving ahead. where does governor romney stand with the all important undecided voters? our political panel will talk about that. >> gregg: and closing arguments in the drew peterson murder
2:17 pm
trial set for next week. what can we expect? judge jeanine pirro give us her take. plus a fond farewell to a true american hero. friends and family lay to go rest legendary astronaut neil armstrong. a private ceremony. we look back at his amazing life with one of his fellow astronaut s just ahead. >> he was the embody i want of everything this nation is all about, about there is a mount, what's on the other side? there is a body of water. what's on the other bank? that was neil armstrong stidiousn emily skinner,
2:18 pm
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2:22 pm
among likely voters. it's a stark contrast from the lead up to the convention, if you remember that, that's when he trailed the president by two points. now big question, whether mr. romney can carry this new momentum through election day. here is the governor reaching out to crucial undecided voters during his speech thursday night. >> you know there is something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. [ laughter ] >> heather: ellen ratner is bureau chief of talk radio news service and pete snyder is ceo of disrupter capital. he's also chairman of governor romney's virginia victory, 2012
2:23 pm
campaign and both are fox news contributors. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather: ellen, i'm going to start with you. president obama, he's your man. are you disappointed in him by now? are you disappointed in the promises not kept? >> look, i think that the president has had a very tough road to hoe, particularly because the change in congress. i think it's been very hard for him to get through a lot of the legislation he wanted. so no, i'm not disappointed. would i wish he would have done more? sure. but he's got the political system to deal with not exactly president obama friendly. >> heather: i was going to toss to you, but this disappointment argument that's being made clearly it is being leveled at those undecided voters. 6 to 8%, independents that actually pushed obama into the white house back four years ago said do you think this is a valid argument and will it work? >> no, heather. i'm sorry, heather. i don't think it's a valid
2:24 pm
argument at all. ellen, barak obama controlled all of congress and all of washington for its first two years. so to say and blame republicans for getting in the way and not letting him get things done, i mean, he wasted the first two years where he had unlimited power in washington trying to ramrod obamacare through. he didn't focus on the economy at all. and independents and undecided voters are turned off by that. they want someone who is focused on the economy. they want someone who is focused on jobs. that's why there is such a great bounce coming out of this convention and such terrific enthusiasm on the republican side. >> let's face it, governor romney did an incredible job on thursday night. i thought it was a great speech. i thought he looked like somebody that a lot of people would want to invite in their living rooms for the next four years. i didn't like the ryan speech as much, but a lot of people liked congressman ryan's speech. i thought it was not as
2:25 pm
passionate as governor romney's, but the president and the vice president now have this week to make their case and see if they're going to get a convention bounce. >> heather: ellen, i want to check back next week to get your take on when you think did a better job at their acceptance speech. either president obama or governor romney. do you think he can continue this momentum with the democrats up all next week in charlotte? >> well, sure. i don't know. you know, i think if governor romney does what he did -- look, he didn't come out from the podium. he came out among the people. very smart move. and it obviously was extremely well received. that's what he has to continue to do. i still think president obama is going to win, though. >> heather: pete, what do you think? >> i think governor romney did a terrific job. i agree with ellen on that. absolutely. you know, the thing i thought paul ryan's speech was terrific. look, the american people do not want soaring rhetoric and greek
2:26 pm
columns. they want real solution. they want a ticket that's going to tackle our economy and going to tackle the big issues of the day, which are reforming entitlements in there. so i could do without the thrill up my leg ala chris matthews and greek columns. america wants a turn around team and turn around artist and that's what they have in governor remain knee and paul ryan. you're also starting to see democrats being depressed out there about the enthusiasm gap. if you look just in the commonwealth of virginia where i'm running the victory efforts, liberal blog blue virginia is complaining today that there are no obama signs anywhere and there is no enthusiasm in the street in the heart of northern virginia where they have to win. they have to run up the score if president obama is going to get back in the white house. so the enthusiasm gap is all for the republicans advantage now. >> heather: no greek columns --
2:27 pm
we did see dirty harry. i have to throw that in because that happened to pop up on the video when you were talking. did they do a good job of turning the focus back on the economy? ellen, charlotte, north carolina, that's where the democrats are going to be all next week, the fifth highest, i believe, unemployment rate in the country. so folks there want to hear about the economy. that's the issue they want to talk about. >> look, i think that what governor romney also has to do, because i think that president obama and his team are going to ask, what are the specifics? if governor romney wants to win this race, he's got to come down with his specifics. how is he going to accomplish it? how is he going to accomplish it with the senate or house that may either be of his party or not? >> there is a reason in north carolina rough a high unemployment rate that democrats are pulling out of the state. they chose to put their convention in north carolina because it was such an important swing state. barak obama is doing so poorly in that state because of its high unemployment and he has no
2:28 pm
answers whatsoever, no record to show. paul ryan and governor romney have 56-page plan focused on the economy, with real specifics on how to turn america around. >> where did those jobs go? a lot of the jobs here went to china. >> heather: we have to wrap it up. we'll check back in after the d dnc. >> gregg: after two years, millions of visitors to washington, d.c. can can get an up close and personal to one of the most beloved landmarks. the flects pool in front of the lincoln memorial is open to the public. after a $34 million face lift courtesy of taxpayers. the national park service says it's the largest reconstruction project ever undertaken on the
2:29 pm
national mall, all with the funding from president obama's economic stimulus package. >> heather: coming up, more rescues from hurricane isaac. we will tell you what is being done with these survivors. >> gregg: a possible scare for thousands who decided to spend part of their summer camping out. we'll have the details on a deadly virus outbreak in one of america's most popular parks
2:30 pm
2:31 pm
2:32 pm
2:33 pm
it is the bottom of the hour. it's time for the top of the news. people evacuated from louisiana salvaging what they can from flooded homes. some returning by boat, climbing in through windows. more than 400,000 people in the state still without electricity. >> gregg: a best selling author injured in a small plane crash in washington state. his book was "jonathan livingston sea gull." his son his he suffered a shoulder injury. >> heather: the republican presidential nominee promising to unite the country and accusing president obama of a campaign of divisiveness and bitterness. >> gregg: president obama hitting the battle ground state of iowa today, holing two rallies in the hawkeye state. his second visit there this week. as brand-new poll numbers come
2:34 pm
out, correspondent ed henry has this report from des moines, iowa. >> this is the third time in his three weeks that i've been with president obama in the battle ground of iowa. even though there is only six electoral votes here. senior advisors say they're going to fight for every electoral vote, even the small states. the race is that tight. they know it's going to be too close to doll and that is why he's hitting some of these key states. again and again. what we are heard in terms of new line, he decided to rip the republican national convention and mitt romney by saying there were old ideas from the last century, saying that you could have watched the speeches on a black and white tv. >> when governor romney had his chance to let you in on his secrets, he did not offer a single new idea. just retread to the same old policies that have been sticking it to the middle class for years. he talked a lot about me.
2:35 pm
they talked lot about him. but they didn't say much about you. >> they're calling this the road to charlotte. it starts here in iowa, then tomorrow the president will be in colorado. monday labor day, he'll be in ho before moving to new orleans for a quick stop to tour some of the storm damage that mitt romney looked at on friday. the president finishes in virginia on tuesday before finally gotting to charlotte for the convention on wednesday. >> gregg: ed henry reporting from iowa. thanks. >> heather: have you heard about this? a scary announcement from one of america's most popular national parks. rodents may have exposed up to 10,000 campers to a deadly disease this summer. anna kooiman joins us with these details. hi, anna. >> thousands of visitors at a camp ground in yosemite national park received a alarming e-mails warning anyone with flu-like symptoms or respiratory problems
2:36 pm
to seek emergency medical attention. total number of infections is six. the centers for disease control warning that 10,000 campers who stayed between june 10 and august 24 could be at risk. hanta virus is carried in the feces and urine and saliva of deer mice and other rodent. it has a six week incubation period. it starts with a shortness of breath and cough and progresses to respiratory failure. >> hanta virus has mortality rate of 38%. a third of the people with it will die. >> they closed the so-called luxury cabins on tuesday, saying the double log design made it easy for mice to nest between the walls. a report warned park officials that rodent inspection efforts should be increased after a visitor fell ill. the state says that while officials in yosemite park did
2:37 pm
take steps, there are limitations. two epidemiologists are working in the park tophic out why the rodent population is larger this year. >> once we feel they are 100% mouse proof, we will start to move our visitors back into them. we don't know when that's going to happen. >> yikes. health experts say people should never sleep or vacuum mouse droppings and spray them with a mixture of bleach and water and wipe it up with a paper towel or mop. >> heather: yikes to say the least. thank you very much. >> gregg: more hurricane isaac evacuees arriving in houston. cages and all. animal control rescued more than 20 cats and dogs from a louisiana shelter hit very hard by the storm. now even more survivors on their way to texas. >> in the middle of the night on tuesday, the first group arrived. they were evacuated due to the weather. another state asking for assistan and we're happy to help our neighbors in need.
2:38 pm
>> gregg: adorable dog. there is another one. spca is getting the animals all cleaned up. they should be ready for adoption this weekend. workers have already found homes for other animals rescued from areas affected by the hurricane. >> heather: so cute. lawyers on both sides are gearing up for closing arguments in the drew peterson murder trial. he's charged with killing his third wife, but he is still a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife. and her family sounds confident that the former police officer will end up behind bars. >> like i said, with all the evidence that's presented, he better be scared to death. he should be shaking in his shoes right now ry, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds,
2:39 pm
pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime. so that wherever your duty takes you, usaa bank goes with you. visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different.
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2:42 pm
>> gregg: attorneys in the drew peterson murder trial getting ready to make their closing arguments. it has been three years since the former police officer was charged with killing his third wife. the trial was delayed repeatedly and his fourth wife is still missing. this case headed to court five weeks ago and has been chalk full of controversy. now that the testimony is over action both sides are still confident they're going to win. take a listen to this. >> we don't have to tell you anything. we don't have to even give a closing argument. they have to tell this jury how it happened, where it happened, when it happened, and they can't do this.
2:43 pm
>> it's begun a grueling five weeks and we're extremely satisfied with the place we're at right now. >> gregg: judge jeanine pirro is the host of "justice." i found it interesting that the defendant allegedly made incriminating statements to his fourth wife who vanished, by the way. but those statements come in from two people, a divorce lawyer by the name of harry smith, and a pastor. talk to us. >> the divorce lawyer took the stand this week. i was in the courtroom when he did. it was stunning testimony from a divorce attorney who comes in and says that the fourth wife said that the third wife was killed by drew peterson and that is something that drew told the fourth wife. amazingly, this is evidence that was brought out by the defense. >> gregg: why would the defense bring somebody on the witness stand who is so incriminating to
2:44 pm
their own client? >> that is the question. and i've got this attorney on my show tonight. it will be the first time that he's spoke publicly other than in court about this. so i'm going to ask him, what were they thinking when they called you to the stand and greg, make no mistake, they knew what he was going to say. >> gregg: i don't get it. the judge didn't get it. the judge thought it was an unusual -- >> you know what i think? i think that drew peterson is so convinced that these women are evil, that he wants -- he was willing to risk the woman saying that he killed a third wife to show that she really wanted more money out of the marriage. he hates women. extortion. >> gregg: here is what i don't get. he says what she said, who has vanished, what the defendant said. i've got three fingers up. that means triple hearsay. >> and gregg, from the time of the common law, there is something called forfeiture by wrongdoing. you can not make a statement and
2:45 pm
then expect to be able to go forward after you killed the person who you made the statement about. it's called forfeiture by wrongdoing. you can not benefit from the fact that you killed your fourth wife to get her to not say something about the third wife, and you killed the third wife to not testify in the financial settlement. there is good basis for this. on my show, we'll have all these people. >> gregg: all right. then this was also astonishing. a priest takes the witness stand. i always think of the priest pen tent's privilege. doesn't apply here because the wives are missing. so the priest says that the fourth wife says she saw drew peterson come in the night kathleen savio, the third wife, allegedly died. and he's all dressed in black late at night. >> okay. first of all, the third wife did die that intoity and wife number 4 goes to bed with drew
2:46 pm
peterson. she wakes up in the middle of the night and he is gone. she calls his cell. no answer. toward dawn, she finds him in the laundry room dressed in his swat outfit washing another woman's clothes. inference, clocks? connecting the dots. he killed kathleen savio and he's got the clothes from the crime scene and then he sits down wife number 4 and says this is what you're going to say to the police. he literally holds on to her while the police interview her, allowing him to be in the room as professional courtesy, as chicago police do. now she vanishes within a few days of telling the minister. >> gregg: they say she slipped and fell in the bathtub and as a result died. dr. michael badden, famed forensic pathologist, takes the witness stand and says, look, i did the third autopsy. it ain't true. >> well, it ain't true and the reason it makes tremendous sense is because this second medical examiner who did the autopsy
2:47 pm
said the same thing, it's a homicide. he is on my show tonight, gregg, as well. he is talking about the fact that you -- look, for kathleen savio to sustain 13 injuries and the injury to the back of the head, she would have had to spin around the bathtub, then the front, then the back. this is a homicide pure and simple. >> gregg: he was chatty kathy for so long until he was arrested. actually even after he was arrested. and yet he clammed up in front of the jury, chose not to take the stand. >> you know, we all had bets on this one in the courtroom. and i think that after harry smith testified saying that wife number 4 said that he admitted killing wife number 3, he kind of lost his oofpf. >> gregg: jurors are given an instruction, you can't hold that against them, but they always do. >> the jurors have been watching him. he's animated. he's calling the shots. he's winking, laughing, all kinds of things, and all of a sudden he clams up. >> gregg: flirting with you, i
2:48 pm
think. >> i'm not in his demographic. he's after teen-agers. >> gregg: judge jeanine has an interview tonight with a key witness in the drew peterson murder trial. what was he told? don't miss it tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. >> always enjoy it. >> heather: coming up, a true american hero remembered by the world for being the first man to walk on the moon. honored by friends and family for his selflessness. ahead, we celebrate the life of neil armstrong. >> one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alabama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service.
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>> gregg: saying good-bye to a humble american hero. neil armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon, an incredibly driven man, who never capitalized on his celebrity and to many he represents the embodiyment of a patriot. >> heather: he was laid to rest at a ceremony near cincinnati yesterday. in an event that friends jokingly said armstrong may not have approved of.
2:53 pm
>> neil was a reluctant hero. this was never about him. the reward that he got was from his service. >> if you knew neil, you know he would not be real happy that we have brought all these people out to celebrate his life and legacy. >> heather: jose hernandez is a former nasa astronaut who was lucky enough to meet neil armstrong and he joins us now with a little more insight and reflection. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, heather, for inviting me. >> heather: tell us about the last time that you met with him. >> it was at the 40th anniversary of the landing on the moon for neil armstrong and buzz aldren at the smithsonian. they had this great big celebration and he, his usual self, was low key and just to himself and very reserved. he really was a humble man and that's how i remembered him when
2:54 pm
he came back after coming back from the moon and 40 years later, he stayed the same course. truly a humble man. >> gregg: did he inspire you to become an astronaut? >> absolutely. i was all of seven years old when i was holding those rabbit ear antennas on our tv, black and white, trying perfect the picture and that is what inspired me to become an astronaut. i'm sure every seven-year-old aspire to do become an astronaut when they saw neil armstrong walk on the moon for the first time and i was one of them as well and i kept at it and luckily, i got selected. >> heather: not only neil armstrong that guided you, your dad, when you told your dad at that moment that you wanted to be an astronaut, what did he do? >> absolutely. you got to understand, this man, my father, who i thank god i still have him today, very healthy, but he sat me down, only has a third grade
2:55 pm
education. he sat me town and gave me a recipe of five ingredients. he said set your goal, know how far you are from that. draw yourself a detailed map about skipping steps. no short cuts. get yourself an education. then became a test pilot. it was said as a test pilot, he would fly anything and it was so incredibly dangerous back then. >> that's right. there were a lot of experimental aircraft being flown and developed during that period. he took a lot of chances, but he looked at it from -- i believe he looked at it from a point of view of serving his country and i think the ultimate one was
2:56 pm
when he was the ones that chosen to go to the moon for the first time and land on the surface and walk on the surface of the moon and make those famous remarks that one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. and he did take a lot of risk and we were fortunate enough that he was able to come back and share his experiences, share all his experiences and now we celebrate his life. >> gregg: jose hernandez, also an astronaut. thank you very much for being with us. >> you're very welcome. >> gregg: his accomplishments will always be remembered. >> heather: a lot of people were told go out and look up at the moon last night to honor him. i did that. hopefully did you. >> gregg: that's going to do it for us. rick and arthel coming up next. have a great weekend. >> heather: bye the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out!
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